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A brief history. . . . New Horizon Computer Systems was created in June of 2002 by Rafael Rodriguez. Since then New Horizons has worked on many diverse projects, expanding our experience in providing custom solutions. Our goal at New Horizon is to make all of your technology goals a reality. Our experienced developers will enable us to push your company’s boundaries on the Internet to. . .New Horizons. In today’s technological world, it is a vital for your business to strategically place itself in an environment that embraces technology. Let us show you how to explore your options.

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Digital marketing

The integration of marketing services used to attract, and engage users digitally. Digital Facets to advance a Digital Vision / Strategy while facilitating the alignment and optimized user experiences (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile).

Facebook Development

Social Media at its finest

When your customers “like” you on Facebook, they’ll see all your company’s updates including pictures, video and important news. Special offers, “flash sales,” and other promotions are right where they will see it—even on mobile devices. We can set up your Facebook page for quick updates that go right to your customer whenever they log in.

Photo Restoration

Do you have a cherished photo that would be perfect to use if it weren’t so old and degraded? We can restore it using digital restoration techniques that render a good-as-new reproduction suitable for your website and promotional materials.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Sure, you’ve got a great website, and maybe even a blog—but how do you know if anyone sees it? SEO keywords will make sure your website and content are picked up by major search engines, driving more traffic to your site, and helping your customers find you when they need you.

Computer Upgrades & Repairs

When something goes wrong with one of your computers, let us take care of it and get you back up and running. We can help you reduce downtime and keep your company working efficiently.

Brand management

Innovative processes of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand’s identity while ensuring that the brand’s name is associated with positive digital results.  Reputation management in conjunction with Brand Management work hand in hand for proper brand segmentation.

Wordpress Development

Custom CMS Development

Do you want to update your customers and clients, but aren’t ready for a regular e-newsletter? Blogging is a great way to publish updates without space or time restrictions. Our team can set up your WordPress site so all you have to do is type.

Multimedia Development

Develop interactive components for your website, creating a dynamic layout incorporating video and other cutting edge technology for a fluid web experience.

Video Editing / Production

Sites with video drive more traffic, so why not add some to your site? We can help you talk directly to your customers when they arrive at your site so they know they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Marketing & Branding Materials:

New Horizons’ team can create the materials you need to promote your business, including cards, brochures, fliers, sample packages, web site design and market research. We leverage many Digital Marketing principals to enhance your ROI.

Web Development

Web Development for professionals

Let’s face it—you know you need a website, but you don’t have time to do it yourself. Don’t just throw a few things together on your domain page—your customers will see what you did! New Horizons can design a webpage to make your company look professional and works for your customers.

Graphics Development

Conveying Meaning through Digital

Graphics and pictures can help your customers understand more than just written words can. We can develop graphics to tell a story, make a point, or show how something can be done. Let us work with you on developing easy-to-understand illustrations that tell your customers what they need to know.

e-Commerce Web Sites

Your customers can buy directly from your site with an online shopping cart. Tell us what you have in mind, and we can design your e-commerce site to give you just what you—and your customers—need.

Custom Built Network Solutions

Your customers can buy directly from your site with an online shopping cart. Tell us what you have in mind, and we can design your e-commerce site to give you just what you—and your customers—need.


Highly qualified specialists
Rafael Rodriguez Jr.

Rafael Rodriguez Jr.

CEO, Senior Digital Marketing Advisor

Email: rafael@nhc-sys.com
Office: +1 832-533-2864
Cell: +1 832-643-6607

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A vast history of Experience !

At ExxonMobil, I’m currently working as a Business Digital Marketing Manager in ExxonMobil’s Fuels, Lubricants, and Specialties Marketing Company. I’m in charge of testing for digital initiatives at Exxon, including more than 200 company websites. My job is to ensure a proper Digital Vision/Strategy alignment between the Agency and ExxonMobil to enable .com testing to facilitate optimized user experiences (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile). Our goal is to deliver a global world-class digital product.

Additionally, as a member of the Texas State Guard (ARMY, concurrent with ExxonMobil), I provide Digital Marketing consulting in support of branding and marketing initiatives for the TMD (Texas Military Department) and high-level IT consulting for an array of military projects.

Previously, I worked as a web and e-Business analyst at NRG, developing and improving Reliant.com as well as

Reliant’s accompanying mobile, tablet, and smartphone apps, and building a new app. Working with an entire team, I ensured that the online interface and back-end processes driving the projects were performing at peak efficiency to serve Reliant’s customer base.

Before NRG, I was a web project manager for Gulf States Toyota, in charge of implementing web vision and web infrastructure initiatives for their Digital Marketing Department. Encompassing SEO and other digital technologies, I brought together Toyota’s entire infrastructure for a complete online presence.

I also worked for Boeing/NASA Space Exploration as a senior web developer/project manager. I worked on many high-profile commercial, military and space exploration projects including the International Space Station (ISS) and Space Shuttle program (ending in 2011). I used Goldfire to utilize data mining and knowledge base creations. This gave high-level engineers the ability to solve real-time, on-orbit anomalies on the International Space Station. I have a wide variety of technical, digital and project management experience.


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